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Improve the environment

Improve the environmentIMPROVE THE ENVIRONMENT

We believe that improving the work environment is the basic requirement of our business and the first step towards quality control and enhanced customer services.

Improving the work environment leads to improvement in the quality of the company, the quality of employees, and the quality of products.

Work environment improvement

Improving the work environment is the basic requirement of our business and the first step towards quality control and enhanced customer services.

What is 5S5S

The 5S Initiative stands for Seiri (organizing), Seiton (tidying), Seisou (sweeping clean), Seiketsu (keeping clean), and Shitsuke (discipline), organized from easy to hard by the level of difficulty and mastery. For this reason, it is said that a workplace where the 5S are implemented thoroughly has a top management standard.
The 5S help to reduce unnecessary work and excess inventory, and to create a safe and efficient work environment.

Implementing work environment improvement initiativesONGOING ACTIVITY

Excluding emergency situations and answering the telephone, we devote ourselves to improving our work environment every Monday from the end of the morning meeting until 8:45 and all other weekdays until 8:30.
By spending 30 minutes every day on creating an environment that allows us to work efficiently, we can enhance productivity, reduce the number of defects, increase safety, and improve teamwork. We can also welcome customers with confidence and create a vibrant company with vibrant employees.

  • We will collect fallen leaves and garbage around the office / factory.
  • We will clean up the entrance where customers enter and exit.
  • Keeping the factory clean immediately in daily work will keep it clean.
  • I also clean the toilet until the end.
  • Put the tools in place.
  • We keep it in the place decided so that you can see at a glance what is missing.
  • When using the tool, return it to the fixed position.
  • You can see what kinds of tools you are using at a glance and you are using it.
  • You can quickly understand what you should put in by determining the fixed position and removing the pattern.
  • We also manage inventory management with the minimum amount that does not cause missing items thoroughly.
  • We also manage cleaning tools properly to see if anything is missing.
Creating the best environment for work
  • 3 rules … Everything in its determined place(Do not leave things in places other than the determined place).Everything in the best place(Put things in a place where they can be used the most efficiently).Everything in the best amount(Keep the minimum amount without running out of stock).
  • All items are arranged in “linear, horizontal, vertical, right angle, parallel, aligned” position.
  • Do not place objects on top of shelves if possible.
  • Do not stand objects against each other. Do not leave objects directly on the floor.
  • Select a manager and display his/her name.
  • At the end of a workday, tidy up all the things used and leave the desk empty.