Kusunoki Dieholder

Our Vision

It has been over 50 years since Kusunoki Dieholder, originally called Howa Forging Die Plant, was established in 1967.
At Kusunoki Dieholder, we have developed, designed, repaired and set up equipment for die holders (tools for fixing and detaching dies for making automobile parts etc. to press machines) that meet customer needs.
Since our founding, we have delivered on our promises and have built long-lasting trusting relationships with our clients by offering superior products that only our Kusunoki team can manufacture, by the set delivery date. As "the only on-demand die holder manufacturer in Japan", Kusunoki Dieholder has achieved fast delivery, and high quality, boasting a top-class market share.

Our Company

Die holder development and design

Kusunoki has developed die holders with hard plate replacement and HPC die holders.
developed for the first time in Japan in 1982 can contribute to shortening the time for die replacement in the forging press, saving power, labor, and space, and bringing dramatic improvement in safety, thus revolutionizing the industry. Our HPC die holders are now installed on over 150 lines in Japan and overseas.
We also handle automatic transfer equipment such as incidental die replacement equipment and material supply equipment, contributing to the stable supply of forged products.

Our die holders

Equipment that delivers high quality

We have both the facilities and systems required to develop and manufacture die holders that meet customer needs.
We also adopt the latest technology and constantly strive to further improve our accuracy level.

Equipment introduction

Improving work environment

We believe that improving the work environment is the basic requirement for all business.
By spending 30 minutes every day on creating an environment that allows us to work efficiently, we can enhance productivity, reduce the number of defects, increase safety, and improve teamwork.
We can also welcome customers with confidence and create a vibrant company with vibrant employees.

Work environment improvement


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